Brand New, by Popular Demand!
Pregnant Version
of the ComfyBreasts Full Body Pillow
called...ComfyBaby & ComfyBreasts...all in one!
Now, Also available...
the New Male Version of the ComfyBreasts Full Body Pillow
called ComfyBump!

Grand Opening !!!

Order ComfyBreasts™
Male version of the Full Body Pillow

The "ComfyBreasts™" for Men Relaxation System, is ideal for men who have had testicular, prostate or any other surgery, treatment or groin injury, to take the pressure off that area, so you can still lie down on your stomach!

The "ComfyBreasts™" for Men Relaxation System, consists of 4 layers of heavenly comfort, that gives the Most comfort imaginable for your entire torso, and relieves that age old pressure, and pain problem men have always had to worry about, when attempting to sleep or lie on their stomach!

The "ComfyBreasts™" for Men Relaxation System, is professionally formed to hug your torso comfortably, and gives your male "bump" an "outlet" to relax while lying on your stomach, allowing men, for the first time in their life, to feel amazingly comfortable, while lying on their stomach!

Don't Fall for "Other Pillows" that will cause you lower back pain!
This Full Body Pillow supports the lower back, unlike other pillows that cause an Uncomfortable Arch in the back, which is Not Natural, and will cause Great Lower Back Pain, after only one night sleeping on it! Don't risk other pain, when the Full Body, "ComfyBreasts™" for Men Relaxation System, allows you to lie in the great comfort of the entire length of pillow, from your upper torso, all the way down below your waist. It is Crucial to have a level surface to sleep on, or your back is in an inclined position, which is a very unnatural position for your back, and WILL Cause Great Lower Back Pain!

Sleep in Great Comfort, with the Full Body, "ComfyBreasts™" for Men Relaxation System!
(cover is removable for washing)

Different sizes are available...
depending on your hip width

check out the sizing page to insure you get the right size.
Custom Covers are also now available...see below

Shipping Notice for all orders:
The ComfyBreasts pillows are custom made to order,
so each pillow is made, one at a time, as they are ordered.
Due to this fact, the shipping of the pillows
usually takes about 1-3 weeks, before you receive it.
Please be patient, as we are doing our best to keep up
with the huge interest and demand for ComfyBreasts pillows.
Thank you so much, ComfyBreasts!

Head Rest Pillow
Head Rest Pillow

ComfyBreasts for Men Relaxation System
Full Body Pillow
Standard Maroon Bedding Material Cover
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for Men

Relaxation System
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ComfyBreasts for Men Relaxation System
Full Body Pillow
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Different Patterns Available Below

*If you have a pettern you would like to have used,
enter the Joann's Fabric Item# in the Fabric Item# box
and we will make your pillow, using the fabric you wish.
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Custom Fabric Choices

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The ComfyBreasts Carry Bag is made of Vinyl Canvas,
which is virtually waterproof, and allows you
to carry your ComfyBump pillow anywhere, discreetly, if desired!
The ComfyBreasts Logo is only on one side, so you can turn it towards
your body when you carry it, if you want even more privacy about what is inside!
(due to the privacy nature of breast cancer survivors, we will always make sure
you have an option to keep the pillow private, as we do understand that some survivors
are very private about what they have been through)
Carry Bag



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